Relaxing in one of the many saunas

Tervetuloa Merilän Kartanoon!


Three saunas reside right next to Merilä Manor; the wood-heated Yläsauna (‘upper sauna’, room for 8 persons), Alasauna heated by electricity (‘lower sauna’, room for 15 persons), and the traditional and idyllic Savusauna (‘smoke sauna’, room for 15 persons).

The saunas are right on the banks of the Oulu River, with a dock for cooling off. We can also provide a portable outdoor hot tub – or several tubs – next to the saunas.

The old log frame of the smoke sauna was cut by hand using a broad axe and it dates back to the 18th or 19th century. It was later transported to the Manor from the homestead of the late woman of the house, Kaisu, from the parish hamlet of Utajärvi. The smoke sauna was earlier used as a two-storey trading warehouse and also used for sleeping in the summer.

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