Merilän Kartanosta löydät laadukkaat majoitus-, kokous- ja juhlapalvelut, maukkaita ruokia unohtamatta! Sijaitsemme Oulun lähellä Utajärvellä.


Have a pleasant stay at Merilä!

You’re most welcome to stay at Merilä Manor! Merilä can accommodate up to 55 people at a time, and we offer 19 rooms, from cosy single-person rooms to rooms for up to 5 persons.
We comply with the official MALO requirements for five-star accommodation.
The idyllic chambers in the Manor and the well-equipped rooms in Aittahotelli and Hotel Alamerilä are all cosy, high-class and have all the mod cons.

The spacious Aittahotelli rooms are also equipped with mini-kitchens but naturally breakfast is included in all our accommodation options.

Welcome to Merilä Manor!

Aittahotelli rooms, 1-3 persons


Aittahotelli rooms, 1-5 persons


Alamerilä hotelrooms, 1-2 persons


Manor rooms, 1-3 persons