Refreshing meetings in the tranquil countryside

Tervetuloa Merilän Kartanoon!

Meetings and conferences

Merilä Manor is an ideal setting for organising a meeting or a training event. We offer our customers excellent meeting facilities and, if required, catering, accommodation, and leisure time activities.

Whatever the season, Merilä Manor offers an idyllic and rustic milieu for your meetings. The main building, built in 1811, and its extensions provide seats for 260 diners and conference facilities for about 285 persons.

Event and conference facilities:



Vanha Pirtti



The Manor’s meeting packages include modern and high-quality conference technology; wireless sound system, Wi-Fi, AV equipment (4 sets), TV panels, and flip charts (2 pcs.) are available in all meeting rooms.

Merilä Manor provides facilities for events of varying sizes, ranging from a 10-person recreational day to almost 300-person get-togethers. In addition to the larger facilities, the Manor offers six smaller spaces for group meetings or conferences.

Group conference rooms:

Puojin Baari (part of Puoji)

Välikamari (room has a tiled stove)

Etukamari (room has a tiled stove, also acts as a library)

Peräkamari (room has a tiled stove)


Savusaunan Vilpola (bringing your own drinks is allowed)

Meeting packages and menus

Meeting packages:

Half a day meeting (under 4 hours between 8am-4pm)
  • starting time and duration (max. 4 hours)
  • welcome coffee and lunch / a more filling lunch
    • lunch 25 €, more filling lunch per request 39 €
  • normal rental fee
All day meeting (from 8am to 4pm)
  • starting time
  • welcome coffee and lunch / a more filling lunch + afternoon coffee
    • lunch 35 €, more filling lunch per request 49 €
  • normal rental fee
evening meeting (under 3 hours between 4pm-9pm, late evenings available per request)
  • starting time and duration (max. 3 hours)
  • meeting evening snack (or dinner for an additional fee)
    • meeting evening snack 12 €, dinner 35 €
  • normal rental fee
Meeting without meals
  • welcome coffee
    • welcome coffee 10 €
  • normal rental fee
overnight meeting package (max. 42 people staying overnight)
  • welcome coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, breakfast, lunch, farewell coffee
    • sauna, late-night snack etc. for an additional fee
  • accommodation: single room 70 € / person; double room 45 € / person; room for three persons / 35 € / person; room for four persons 35 € / person
  • TOFFER: normal rental fee for one day only

Note: Does not include the following: rental fee, smoke sauna, sauna, late-night snack, lean-to, hut, or the like.

HUT: Min. 100 € or 10 € / person

Merilä Manor general terms for meeting packages

  • rental fee: 10 € / person, minimum fee 10 persons, additional persons 10 €
  • terms of booking: 1 week, number of persons, special dietary requirements, allergies
  • terms of cancellation: 1 week (for packages, a 14-day staggered term of cancellation, 10%, 50%, 100%)
  • meeting package includes: Wi-Fi, AV equipment (4 sets), TV panels, flip charts (2 pcs.)

Meeting menus:

Welcome coffee
  • coffee, tea
  • sweet or savoury pastry
  • water
  • fish, mincemeat or vegetable soup (choose from salmon / venison / beef / vegetable)
  • creamy pumpkin soup
  • yoghurt dressing
  • selection of bread
  • starter salad
  • dessert coffee / tea / wild berry quark
More filling lunch
  • beef stew/fish in the oven
  • side potatoes
  • green salad
  • a more filling salad
  • selection of bread and spreads
  • drinks: home-brew beer (non-alcoholic), milk, water
  • dessert coffee / tea / wild berry quark
Meeting menu dinner / lunch / dessert
Menu for a more filling lunch

  • Venison stew
  • tenderised beef stew in red wine sauce
  • tenderloin
  • meatballs with gravy
  • salmon in the oven with dill sauce
  • roasted chicken in cream sauce
  • pork neck


  • wild berry pie with vanilla sauce
  • ‘pulla’ (Finnish pastry)
  • cheesecake

Drinking water for meetings

  • carbonated water or similar & fruit, 3 € / person
Evening meeting snack
  • savoury pastry
  • green salad
  • coffee, tea
  • sweet pastry
  • Home-brew beer (non-alcoholic), milk, water
Late-night snack
Late-night snack per customer request, for example:

  • salad
  • salmon/ham casserole
  • baguette
  • fruit
  • drinks

Licenced to serve alcoholic beverages

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