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Merilä is located alongside river Oulujoki in Utajärvi, about 55 kilometers from Oulu. In addition to the main building the Merilä courtyard includes a separate accommodation building, venues for celebrations and conferences and three saunas.

Meeting and banquet facilities for 10 – 285 persons
Restaurants 10 – 260 persons
The main halls 5 pcs
Group facilities 6 pcs
Sauna Wolrd

The peaceful and scenic atmosphere of Merilä is suitable for organizing official events, such as celebrations and meetings while the Merilä also welcomes individual travelers and groups. Whether the purpose is to relax, work in a peaceful atmosphere or to organize a celebration, Merilä offers a wide-ranged selection of services for different needs.

The history of Merilä dates back over 200 years to year 1811 when the main building was constructed. Over the years it has given a home for several generations and offered a roof over the heads of numerous travelers. When international tourism started in Finland in year 1887, the rapids of Oulujoki where the first and one of the most important tourist destinations. At that time Merilä´s main building was the main accommodation destination for the international tourists visiting Oulunjoki and its rapids. The Oulujoki area is also an age-old tar burning zone and old handicrafts and food traditions live strong in the area. Thus, history has a strong presence in Merilä.

Merilä is located in the world´s northernmost Geopark-area molded by the ice age.  The uniqueness of the area is a result of geological processes that over the time have shaped the landscape to what it is today. A 30 kilometer car ride away from Merilä  is Rokua that is known for the glacial melt water formed esker and clear water kettle ponds. The nature is rich with lichen, which has also been picked up as a source of income. The richness and diversity of the nature from the river scenery of Merilä to the ester in Rokua provide tourists with a wide range of experiences to choose from.

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